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Your painting will be ready to ship within 1-3 days of confirmation of payment, unless I am out of town, in which case I will email you and give you an estimated date. Please let me know if you want to ship to a different address.
*Your painting is protected from dust and UV rays with coats of art quality varnish.
*Paintings are shipped safely in sturdy cardboard boxes and wrapped tightly in bubble-wrap to stay super safe on its way to you.
*The shipping price reflects the cost of shipping, materials and a little something to cover my time, (not a lot), for continental US only.
*There is no shipping during bank holidays or national holidays. Please include your phone number as delivery will be faster.
*All shipping costs are non-refundable and the responsibility of the buyer.
* Thank You for your purchase.


Your happiness is the most important thing to me. I have a long list of happy and satisfied customers.

* If you choose to return the Original painting, my policy is that you contact me within 2 weeks of receipt of the purchase and return it within 30 days of receipt. After you notify me within 2 weeks that you want to return it and I give you the shipping adddress, the item must be returned within 30 days of receipt using FEDEX GROUND.

*Please pack exactly the way I sent it (in order to protect the painting) and in the same box the painting arrived in, to minimize damage risk. Include any and all wrap and cardboard for the most secure packaging possible. Even though the painting may not meet your needs, it is looking for its final home with someone else and he/she along with me, would appreciate your special care. Please re-use the bubble wrap without having the tape touch the painted surface! This is an Original painting and the tape could damage the surface!

*You must ship with A DIRECT SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION so that I can sign for it and receive it in person. As well as giving Fedex the payment for declared value of the painting which would be the price you paid.

*The painting must be returned in the same condition it was sent. Once inspected and found in good condition, I WILL REFUND THE PRICE PAID FOR THE ITEM MINUS THE SHIPPING COSTS. THE SHIPPING COSTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

*Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your art. I want this whole experience to be a good one for you and I want to keep you as a customer.


*If the package came damaged in transit please keep the damaged packaging, make photos of the damaged package and the damaged painting immediately, on the same day of delivery. Also on the delivery day contact me and the shipping company, Fedex via email, send them your photos and report the damage case. If it is not done as described above it cannot be considered as a damaged case.

*Any problems I haven't addressed? Just contact me through email. I want my collectors to be happy with their purchase!!

*Thank you for supporting my art.

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