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I grew up in art like a weed in a garden, borrowing the sun, rain and nutrients from my neighboring flowers and learning the ropes and many turns of the technological world that were not part of my heritage.

After painting and selling Watercolors for years in brick and mortar shops I expanded my art knowledge, learning to paint intuitively with Acrylics and Mixed Media.

I love all things water: water to drink, water to swim in, water to splash in, watercolors. I love the ocean, woods, tea and honey, family, friends, naps, chocolate, music and meeting new people. I love to explore, to ask, "Why not?" I love the Lord who gave me the gift of painting and I LOVE  to paint.

Painting is one of my many interests. Others include music, teaching, parenting, friending, hiking, baking, ministering, and digging my toes in the sand at the beach. Often I am asked if there is anything I can't do. I can't whistle:)


 My desire in putting my work out there and hoping you'll want it is that as each piece of art finds a new home it will bring some level of joy, wonder or excitement into your life. And that I will make new connections with others as I continue to connect with the God who created me.

Catherine Williamson

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